Jetcut Series Waterjet Cutting System

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Jetcut Series Waterjet Cutting System Details


  • Abra Clean is an abrasive removal pump system that is effective at cleaning the tank without shutting off the machine
  • Initial start height sensor prevents breakage of nozzle and improves quality of cut
  • An operator can use laser pointer for four different purposes
  • There is an auto water level up-down system to perform submerged cutting
  • An abrasive sensor prevents material damage in case an abrasive is empty
  • Stainless steel made covers on X, Y & Z axis protect the precision motion components against harsh waterjet environment
  • LED lights illuminate the working space and enable the operator to view clearly and reduce fatigue
  • It comes with an abrasive reuse kit
  • In-built AccuFeed is a Servo controlled abrasive metering system and SmartFeed is an automatic abrasive feeding system
  • There are loading balls to handle the cutting sheets
  • IDE cutting head assembly enables quick cutting
  • Sheets greater than machine working area can be cut by the machine when passed through both X & Y axis
  • This machine requires small installation area given to its unique, rigid &integrated structure
  • The machine can be easily relocated as it doesn’t require any foundation
  • The system is integrated with best CNC controller in the world
  • There is an inbuilt automatic lubricating system that keeps high precision components lubricated and improves their life
  • This machine comes with a pure water cutting kit and parts life monitor
  • There is a mesh in tank for protecting small parts from falling at the bottom of tank
  • The No Toe Touch design enhances operatorconvenience
  • Remote trouble shooting features enables to check the machine via internet
  • Waterjet Bricks can cut brittle material, glassand small pieces, splash guards
  • Sheet Support is provided to conveniently hold thin sheet without clamping
  • Nozzle Cleaning Attachment is provided to clean blocked Nozzles
  • This machine features a 19 inch colour display and a wireless keyboard that can be used as remote pendant
  • There is a clamping kit to hold thin sheets and small jobs
  • The water gun efficiently cleans the material post cutting
  • The tank bottom is resistant to cut
  • Fully programmable Servo driven Z axis
  • Swivel free high pressure plumbing minimizes maintenance cost throughout the life of the machine
  • There are lockable drawers for keeping tools and spares safely and handy
  • Stainless steel protective cover on top edges of the tank prevents any kind of damage to the tank when material loaded
  • Right angle enables sheet alignment before cutting
  • There is no need to realign the heavy plates. If plate is not loaded on right angle, the machine will change accordingly the angle of cutting program
  • Precision ball screw on all X, Y & Z axis
  • The work table with cantilever design is accessible from all three sides
  • Manual tilting arrangement for welding application & chamfer cutting is optional
  • Software capabilities for DUAL Pressure control to cut brittle material. 

Travel of X - Axis


Travel of Y - Axis


Travel of Z - Axis

250mm (Can be customized)

Rack & Pinion Make

Gambini / Apex or Equivalent

LM Guide Make

Rexroth (Germany) or Equivalent

NC System

Power Automation (Germany) or Equivalent


Most 2D or Equivalent

Traverse Speed

Up to 30000mm/min.

Positional Accuracy

± 0.04mm

Repeat Accuracy

± 0.04mm

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